Your reliable transport partner in Spain and Europe

We are specialists in land transport of full loads to any point in Europe. We have a fleet of more than 300 of our own vehicles, equipped with the latest technological developments and with the capacity to transport any type of goods.

Type of cargo

  • General

  • Refrigerated

  • Express parcels

  • ADR

Own vehicles
Shipments per year
Km travelled per year

More than 30 years of transport

2021 is a very exciting year for Furgo-Trayler, because we are celebrating. When we started this project in 1991, we never imagined that we would celebrate 30 years with so many partners, suppliers and customers. Thanks to all the people at Furgo-Trayler who, in addition to being a team of experts in express transport, have proven to be excellent people.


Furgo-Trayler was founded as a transport service company. Since then, the range of services as well as the scope of transport and volume have been increased.


We celebrate 30 years of Doing What we do Best, 30 years of being your reliable transport partner in Spain and Europe.