Furgo-Trayler performs to achieve the highest standards in terms of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment, including all its operations, and sustainable development principles for our business, in all the regions where we operate.


  • We recognize the client satisfaction, the protection of the environment, our personnel health and safety and the sustainable and respectful development of our business, as absolute and integrated priorities in our processes, so the whole company is oriented to achieve these objectives in an open and transparent manner.
  • The Quality Management System, and the principles of risk assessment, are integrated in all our business processes.
  • Quality is our main competitive advantage, so the requirements and expectations of our customers must be satisfied, and we differentiate ourselves through excellence in our operations and the development of our reliable services.
  • The company’s management is responsible for the excellence in terms of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment, and it is committed to train its staff, fostering diversity, emphasizing the evaluation and motivation of employees, and fulfilling the ethical principles rooted in the Monzón’s family.
  • We are committed to develop a long term sustainable business, preventing pollution and minimizing environmental impacts, with the most efficient use of natural resources and energy.
  • We recognize the importance of implementing this policy through our Quality and Environment Management Systems, including the entire supply chain, from our suppliers to customers, and the appropriate and efficient use of the required products to provide our services.
  • Furgo-Trayler undertakes to comply with the any legal and any other requirements related to quality and environment issues.
  • Furgo-Trayler communicates this policy to the whole company and trains its employees for the appropriate use of our Quality and Environment Management Systems, involving them in the definition, evaluation and continuous revision of objectives.
  • Furgo-Trayer is fully committed to keep this Policy up to date, and to implement and maintain its Management Systems to promote continuous improvement.